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The organic bug spray market was valued at $2.3 Billion in 2016 and growing! In 2014 alone, sales of organic bug repellent rose 12.7% compared to 2% for conventional repellents.

In 2016, Greenerways Organic bug spray outsold a conventional DEET-based market leader by up to 50%.

There is no going back. Consumers are seeking better, healthier chemical-free solutions that work. 

Greenerways Organic Features
  • Certified USDA Organic Ingredients - Natural
  • Non GMO - Guaranteed purity
  • Lab-tested for Efficacy - 98% mosquito probe repellancy
  • Kid & Pet Safe - no harmful phthalates, parabens  or other chemicals
  • Affordable Pricing - for all families
  • Strong Brand Story
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