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Organic and Family Safe Products

Made with High Quality Organic Ingredients and Natural Essential Oils



As a mom of 3 kids who love the outdoors, I have finally got a go to bug spray that I feel good about putting on my kids. One of my kids has super sensitive skin and eczema, we used this with no burning sensation and no breakouts! 

My Two Cents Customer on amazon.com


I love this product! It smells great and actually repels the nasty mosquitoes. A little goes a long way with this product. Just spray down once and head on out. I used it while taking some evening walks and can't wait to take it fishing with me. I was comfortable using it on my daughter as well. She has sensitive skin and did not have any reactions to it (yay). We love it!

Angela M. on amazon.com


I started using the Bug Repellent about 6 weeks ago in areas of extreme mosquito infection and have not had a single bite. This has been in severe heat and humidity with lots of sweating. On one trip into a southern swamp, I went two days with one application and had the same result.

metaphysic on walmart.com

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