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World-Class Contract Manufacturing 

GREENERWAYS, LLC.  is a LA based, world class contract manufacturing company that specializes in liquid personal care, cleaning and outdoor products with state-of-the-art machinery for batching, filling and co-packing. In addition to creating our own GREENERWAYS & GREENERWAYS ORGANIC personal care & wellness collections, we manufacture products for companies such as Unilever and Hello Bello.  

Let us use our economies of scale to provide your company with quality product at a low cost.  Once your formulation is approved, we can handle the entire process, from sourcing raw materials and batching to filling, labelling and packaging. With multiple facilities in the Unites States and relationships in China and India, we offer real value with streamlined processes and a global network. Organic or not, everything we manufacture it is made to the highest of standards and we take great pride in our transparency with our partners.

Greenerways has acquired a wide range of quality assurance certifications, displaying efforts for technical innovations, while satisfying mandatory requirements. In building a relationship with the GREENERWAYS team, you have the opportunity to wholesale or private label personal care products, outdoor innovations and cleaning offerings that are safe and efficacious. In addition, most of our products are ready to be labelled and shipped in a timely manner.

Greenerways also has expertise in data-analysis and can help you optimize your manufacturing and logistics schedules for national distribution, as we have for companies supplying Costco, CVS and Walmart. 


Facts about our Three Facilities: 

  • Manufacturing and packaging facilities, totaling over 200,000 square feet of operations, including 4 loading bays
  • Batching capacity exceeding 39,000 gallons daily
  • Batching capability is hot and cold with state-of-the-art insulated tanks
  • Versatile machinery to fill an array of containers (tubes bottles, jars, etc.)
  • Packing sizing from 5ml – 1 Gallon
  • Fill sizing from 5ml – 1 Gallon
  • 10 filling lines with speeds up to 120 bottles per minute (16oz bottling is at 80 bottles/minute)
  • 10 co-packing lines
  • Features Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) & FDA regulations

What we produce:

Organic & Non-Organic:

  • Bug repellent
  • Kids bug repellent
  • Sunscreen & bug repellent in one
  • Home cleaning products
  • Essential oils
  • Essential oil blends
  • Shampoo & Conditioner

FDA Approved Options:

  • Liquid sanitizers (unscented & scented)
  • Gel sanitizers (unscented & scented)
  • Antibacterial soap (unscented & scented)

Our Certifications:

    • FDA
    • GMP
    • ISO 9001
    • cGMP
    • OHSAS 18001
    • NSF

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