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I used Greener Days Bug Spray during summer 2011—it works very well. Mosquitos are a huge problem in the summer, except this summer. We had Bug Spray on hand to deal with them. A little tip for your other customers: spraying Bug Spray on the entryways to your homes prevents mosquitos from coming inside... something that is a huge issue as people constantly go in and outdoors during our summer parties.” 

Kevin K., Washington DC


I carry the 2 oz. Eco-Tizer with me in my purse, have one in my car, and one at home. I'm addicted! I've noticed that I have been getting sick a lot less often due to the incorporation of the spray in my life, especially after using pin pads at the store when shopping.

Jen G., Atlanta GA


It was an evening on shore breeze right before dark Cooking out in Cocoa Beach, no bugs or mosquito’s anywhere. ... then wow! Here come the bugs and we were ready for them, eager to use Greenerways Organic Bug Spray We immediately sprayed our entire bodies. The Bug Spray worked putting up a stellar defense, a steel curtain of protection. Not one bite, you could see the little monsters landing then taking back off. Bug Spray works with no stinging or no nasty chemical spray. Just the sweet smell of Citronella, Lemongrass and Cedar Oil. Safe protection without the worry of life threatening or immune compromising chemicals on your body!

Toby T., Cocoa Beach FL



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