Protect Your Family & Pets

Greenerways Organic insect repellent is the first certified organic repellent for sale in the US!

Our USDA certified bottling facility ensures the formula remains in an unadulterated state, eliminating the need for additives that may lessen effectiveness and ensuring it remains a truly organic product.

  • Provides peace of mind for safe use with young children,
    adults, pets, and around the home.
  • Made from a DEET-free, non-toxic blend of organic
    plant-based essential oils, including citronella, lemongrass
    and cedar oil that are known for their natural bug repelling
    properties and safe use.
  • Contains no added chemicals, alcohols, scents, plant
    surfactants, soaps or glycerin, making it gentle and safe
    for even the most delicate skin and especially those who
    are chemically-sensitive.
  • Natural ingredients such as citronella and cedar oil ensure that it smells great with no artificial perfumes!

Our Mission Statement
Greener Days is dedicated to promoting, encouraging and providing organic
products, where quality is vital. With the belief that everyone deserves the
ability to discover and enjoy the benefits of an organic lifestyle.