Greenerways Organic Brand Story

Jayme Bella’s grandmother always told her, “Read the labels; if there are chemicals or ingredients you can’t pronounce, don’t buy the product.” Jayme has always lived an organic lifestyle, and the need for chemical-free, all-natural products was never more important than during her first pregnancy in 2008. Her husband, Jim, who operated an all-natural cleaning service, encouraged the use of organic products and helped her formulate an organic insect repellent when their growing family could not find one on the market. 

This was the birth of Greenerways organic, a company devoted to bringing safe, chemical-free products to every home. This made her grandmother, Mama Bella, very happy; she had been using organic solutions passed down from her father, a turn-of-the-century apothecary, for years. Mama Bella introduced Jayme to a wide variety of essential oil combinations by sharing a diary she had kept since she was a young girl. In this diary Jayme found recipes for healing burns, alleviating headaches, soothing sore muscles, and more. Out of these, she was able to formulate a balm to relieve all kinds of maladies without endangering her growing family with harsh, synthetic chemicals.

Mama Bella’s balm recipe laid the foundation for Greenerways Organic Wonderbalm and is our gift to families everywhere. This balm is varied and gentle but effective and strategically formulated. Discover the power of essential oils with a highly effective, 100% USDA organic product to sooth ailments and encourage health and well-being.

Mama Bellas Story for Greenerways Organic Bug Spray and Insect Repellent to fight zika virus