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What is Our Organic Mosquito FreeZone?

Good question! Our MFZ product is one of the only 100% all natural insect repellents lab-tested to repel ALL mosquitoes, including the yellow fever mosquito. For use in yards, campsites, sporting events, hunting grounds, and other outdoor areas, Greenerways Mosquito FreeZone Vapor Repellent repels mosquitoes safely and naturally. It comes in a small pouch that you hang outdoors. You pour a cup of water into the bag, and in 2 hours, the entire 100-foot radius will be bug-free for a WEEK. No joke. Look at our reviews on Walmart and Amazon. This repellent WORKS is completely safe for your pets and children and is odorless. Whether traveling abroad, hiking, camping, or having BBQs in the backyard, this best selling mosquito repellent is non-toxic, unlike products that include DEET. Buy a pouch to try, and let us know how you liked it!

Why GWO is Safe for Kids & Pets

I think we’d have to say it’s due to the care we took in researching and choosing our ingredients. We were starting our family and needed to create a formula that was safe for all of us, and our pets. We found that we could create products that work and smell great without the need for harsh, synthetic chemicals. Greenerways is dedicated to promoting, encouraging and providing organic products, where quality is vital. We hold the belief that everyone deserves the ability to discover and enjoy the benefits of an organic lifestyle. Our company came from a need for healthy organic products for ourselves, our home and our new baby.

Using essential oils on skin and pet fur isn’t as simple as it may seem. Mixing, bonding, and choosing the right combinations and potency is important. We researched and tested our products extensively, not only because we were making these products for ourselves, but because we were also making these products for our children. Try our products for yourself and enjoy being outside without worrying about fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

What is DEET and Will it Ruin My Clothes?

DEET products have reportedly stained clothes and melted through breathable fabrics that many hikers and campers wear. Phillip Werner did a really interesting experiment for - He had some old, torn up Mountain Hardware Cohesion Pants, and he applied 30% DEET to one area of the outside of the pants and 100% DEET to another area. Both melted through the middle and inside layer of the pants, the 30% DEET spot was more localized than the 100% spot, though. The 100% spot continued to dissolve the pants. Now imagine using this on your skin. Many people complain of DEET leaving dark stains on their clothes. 

Our products are DEET-free, non-toxic, organic and not harmful to your skin, lungs or clothes. They're safe for your children and pets and there is no oily or sticky residue. The essential oils actually nourish your skin, as opposed to the potentially harmful effects of DEET. Seems like a no brainer to us! Look at our products here.