The Dirty Dozen

… and we’ve all probably seen this list a dozen times, too.

SO by now, it should have sunk in — right?!

We’re going to put it out there again, just because this is a really good list of the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables you WANT to buy organic. The dirty dozen most likely contains multiple pesticide residues, and therefore should be bought organic. An example: The FDA detected 30 different pesticides on strawberries, while apples had 50 different pesticides on them. Consumers Union ( and Environmental Working Group ( say that children are most at risk when eating produce that has combined exposures. The Environmental Protection Agency says pesticides block the body’s uptake of nutrients critical for proper growth and wreak havoc on development by permanently altering the way a child’s system functions. (taken from Super Natural Home by Beth Greer)

I personally noticed that after being on a pretty strict organic diet and solely eating at home for a while, when I eat outside of the home I get almost migraine headaches after eating foods I’m pretty sure to contain pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.

The Dirty Dozen
Peaches  |  Apples  |  Pears  |  Green Beans  |  Grapes
Strawberries  | Raspberries  |  Spinach  |  Sweet Bell Peppers
Potatoes  |  Tomatoes  |  Cantaloupe

This really is food for thought…

Now — off to grocery shop with an educated perspective!