“Not so Simple” Green Cleaners?

Back in the day when I was a graduate student, I had limited funds to buy food, cleaners, much less to go out with after I paid all the “important” bills. I thought I was doing myself a favor by buying Simple Green: naturally made and inexpensive. Over the years as I detoxed myself and my life from chemicals, I became more sensitive. I could no longer use Simple Green… it started to “smell” and gave me a headache. But it was Simple Green — it was natural, right? I couldn’t explain it then. My body knew, and was trying to tell me! WVEs report on it below brings to light what my body told me all those years ago…

WVE Report Finds Secret Toxic Chemicals in Simple Green Cleaners

The report reveals hidden chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and more in top cleaners & detergents

Simple Green advertises their products as “non-toxic,” but guess what? Our test results revealed toluene, a chemical linked to pregnancy complications, in Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner. We also found phthalates, linked to reproductive harm, and 1,4-dioxane, linked to cancer, in Simple Green Naturals Multi-Surface Care! Here’s the scary part – none of these chemicals appear on the product labels or the company’s website. See what else we found hiding in top cleaners & detergents.

The good news is that the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act was just introduced in Congress. Thanks to WVE’s advocacy efforts, the bill requires companies to list all ingredients directly on the product label where you can see them!