How Can I Keep Mosquitoes Away?

We’ve compiled this handy-dandy bullet-pointed list:

  • Light candles or lanterns -  Lighting candles or lanterns that contain one or more essential oils known to repel mosquitoes, and hey, maybe someone will want to make out with you with all that romantic lighting
  • Set mosquito traps - However, it’s important to change the traps regularly
  • Eliminate standing water - Many (though not all) female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water
  • Clean up debris - Some types of mosquitoes lay their eggs in damp soil or debris, such as decaying logs and leaf piles, so be sure to clear them away
  • Plant mosquito-repelling plants - The potent fragrances and essential oils in some plants, such as lavender, rosemary, basil and marigolds naturally repel mosquitoes
  • Drink coffee - Sprinkled in areas with standing water that you just can’t get rid of, coffee grounds can prevent mosquito larvae from growing, and then after a cup or two, you’ll have the energy to clean your gutters, which leads us to...
  • Regularly clean gutters and drains - These buggers lay their eggs in the damp leaves that congregate there
  • Use mosquito control spray - Treating your yard is a tried-and-true method for reducing mosquito infestations. Use Greenerways Lawn and Garden Protector and Repellent, and also use our Organic Mosquito Free Zone to rid your yard for a week of those pesky critters
  • Put sand around the base of pot plants - this isn’t as inviting as the damp soil would be, but then you risk seeing them sunbathing in teeny tiny speedos
  • Pinon Wood - Burn this in your outdoor fire pit. It is highly aromatic and will keep mosquitoes away
  • Keep lawns, trees and gardens trimmed back - the more light you have, the less mosquitoes
  • Take your B vitamins - People are more likely to be bitten if they have a B deficiency
  • Put up bat houses - Bats love mosquitoes. Put these up throughout your yard, sit back and watch them gobble up the pesky creeps at dusk
  • Invest in a fly swatter - 😬