Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Certain Colors?

Yes. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors like blue and black and floral patterns. To play it safe, make sure to wear light colors like white and khaki. Not only will they help deter the mosquitoes but they will also help you feel cooler by reflecting sunlight.

Some studies have shown that you are more at risk to get bitten if you're within a group. From a distance, mosquitos are able to detect a cloud of carbon monoxide that would be exhaled from the people in the group. They won’t be going on the color of your clothes from far away. However, when they’re close by, mosquitoes fly a few inches above the ground and use their sight to spot prey. Dark colors are easier for them to see than light ones.

Another great tip for helping to get fewer bites is to wear looser clothing and long sleeves and pants as they can bite through to your skin when wearing tight clothing.  A better way to feel confident would be to spray your exposed skin and clothing with our organic, deet-free bug repellent.